Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Chelsea Handler

Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images; Susan Etter/; Jon Kopaloff/Getty Image

Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, left the rehab center that she had recently checked into. 

She believes that a staff member at the Canyon in Malibu leaked the admissions documents that specified her reasons for seeking treatment.  Considering how discreet she and Charlie have been with their problems, I can see how she'd want to keep the details under wraps. 

She's reportedly heading back to Los Angeles to look for a new and much more discreet rehab center.  I have my money on Celebrity Rehab.

In other news, Charlie Sheen was recently let go from his new job at the Canyon in Malibu.


More where that came from in Chelsea Handler's blog—read it now!

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