Megan Fox

Megan Foxs Superbowl ad is causing a lot of people to take to blogging.  According to the Daily Mail, once the ad aired many people went online to complain that a body double was involved in the ad.  Fox's ad for Motorola shows her in a bathtub with "strategically placed" bubbles covering her lady parts. 

She has a great body, so why the body double?  Turns out it wasn't for her body, it was for her hands.  Apparently Megan Fox has weird thumbs, so a hand model was used for a close up shot of her using the phone. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most men who saw that ad don't give a rat's ass what her thumbs look like.  But now that I know they can use doubles for her, next time she gives one of her "I'm just a regular girl" interviews, maybe they can use a double for her mouth.

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