Michael Buble

Carlos Costas, PacificCoastNews.com

In an interview with News of the World, Michael Buble's ex-girlfriend called the singer out on some of his unpleasant behavior. 

Tiffany Bromley is an ex-model and now a wigmaker, so I'm guessing she has a bit of an agenda.  I don't think anybody who has a modeling career secretly dreams of getting out of that business and making wigs. 

Bromley claims that Buble was once a nice guy, but success turned him into a "self-obsessed jerk."  Apparently he bragged to her many times that he had a great penis.  She also said that he had a foul mouth, smoked a lot of pot, would get the munchies, raid the hotel mini bar, and consume several Snickers. 

Obviously, the problem is Tiffany.

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