Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise


I recently picked up a little magazine called British Star.  It's pretty much like the American version of Star magazine but it uses the word "chat" instead of talk, and it's more expensive. 

A story about Suri Cruise caught my eye.  According to the magazine, Suri has decided that she'd like to be an actress.  She reportedly loves her dance lessons so much, that she asked her parents if she could also enroll in some acting classes.  In the U.S., that's called a "double threat," and it's not to be taken lightly.   

Suri is three years old, but she's growing up fast, and obviously her parents are just going to have to adjust.  Tom Cruise is supposedly "thrilled" that she wants to be an actress, but when she starts taking roles from him we'll see how happy he is. 

If the next installment of Mission Impossible could cast her in the lead role instead of Tom, they'd save a lot of money on apple boxes.

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