Let the games begin!

Travis Kelce is finally meeting the 50 women from across the country that will be competing for his heart in this sneak peek from Wednesday's series premiere of Catching Kelce!

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is impressed with the potential as he runs onto the football field to cheers from his possible suitors. "So, I'm weaving through these 50 states and America's looking absolutely beautiful!" he says.

He then tells his contestants, "The courage that it takes to come out here to try and pursue love, it means more than you can imagine to me. This is real life. I'm dedicated to finding the girl of my dreams."

Catching Kelce 101


Although the girls are excited to hear that, their initial enthusiasm doesn't last long before Travis drops one hell of a bombshell.

"Now, there are 50 of you and one of me," he says. "I have to narrow it down to one in the end. The hardest part might be right now as this is the site of your first elimination."

See the ladies' shocked reactions in the clip above!

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