Think you're too old to play pretend? 

Not by the Kardashians' standards. In this new bonus clip from Kim Kardashian's Busy Tonight appearance a few weeks back, the reality star and seasoned big sis shares a totally sweet (albeit, perhaps slightly embarrassing) story about Rob Kardashian, her younger brother by almost seven years. Chatting with host Busy Philipps, Kim dredges up some highly amusing memories from the KarJenner clan's earlier days. Specifically, those concerning her little bro's long-standing commitment to a pair of imaginary friends named Pablo and Ronald.

"My brother has…Uh, I don't know if he still does. But he had, for a really long time, two imaginary friends," Kim reveals in the new clip.

Busy Philipps, Busy Tonight, Kim Kardashian

Jordin Althaus, E!

And it sounds like the trio's camaraderie was about as real as it gets. When Busy asks if she can remember the names of Rob's make-believe childhood pals, Kim responds pretty much immediately. "Of course," she laughs. "Pablo and Ronald."

Turns out, Kim's speedy reply might not be a testament to superior memory retention. "My brother literally has talked about these guys, like, up until last year," she goes on to explain, much to the audience's (and host's) amusement. 

Old habits die hard, as they say! Hear Busy's thoughts on Pablo and Ronald in the clip above!

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