What do Kim KardashianMindy Kaling and Julia Roberts have in common?

The A-listers are all set to appear as guests on Busy Philipps' new chat show Busy Tonight, which premieres Tuesday, Oct. 30 on E!

Speaking to E! News Australia on the phone from L.A., Philipps reveals she "pretty much knows everyone" who is booked on her show so far—including the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

"Kim and I became friendly over Instagram, as people do now," the actress says. "I am not sure what I'm going to talk to her about. She's on next month! I really like Kim. She's a very, very sweet, hardworking woman who's incredibly devoted to her family. Even though we lead very different kinds of lives, we actually do have a lot in common, I think."

As for Australian guests, the 39-year-old would love for comedian and Instagrammer Celeste Barber to join her on the couch one day.

"Another internet friend that I've made is Celeste Barber. I adore her and think she's so funny. She kills me," she says. "I know she'll be going on her book tour and her comedy tour in the US soon, so hopefully we can get her booked on Busy Tonight when she's in town."

Busy, Cricket, Birdie


Philipps is also hoping to find a time for her beloved BFF, former Dawson's Creek co-star Michelle Williams, to make an appearance.

"Michelle is actually hard at work on a new television project [FX's Fosse/Verdon limited series]. She starts work on that TV show basically the same day I start work on mine," she says. "And her show shoots in New York, so she's a bit tied up with her own work commitments at the moment. But obviously we're very excited to find a time for her to come out and hang out on my show."

Although Busy Tonight's time slot is past the bedtime of Philipps' daughters, Birdie, 10, and Cricket, 5, it hasn't stopped them from suggesting ideas for the show.

"Birdie and her friend Bea [Kelly Oxford's daughter] have been pitching me ideas for segments that they want to do, which is so funny. We'll see if we end up with a Birdie and a Bea segment," she says. "They were saying that they could do a segment with young people teaching old people what's cool."

This year, Philipps not only landed her own talk show, but released her New York Times best-selling memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little and starred alongside Amy Schumer in the comedy I Feel Pretty [which her husband Mark Silverstein co-wrote and co-directed].   

Could Schumer be a possible future guest on Busy Tonight?

"Yeah, when she's out in LA!" the Instagram star says. "She's also New York-based. But I know she's travelling a lot touring and doing her stand-up."

And while she hasn't spoken to Schumer since the comedian announced her pregnancy, Philipps is stoked about the news.

"Who doesn't love a baby?" she tells E! News. "She's going to be a wonderful mom."

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