Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is spilling Game of Thrones finale secrets! Well, to one person at least…

The hunky GOT star made a guest appearance on Busy Tonight Thursday and of course Busy Philipps couldn't help asking him all about the final season of the hit HBO series, which premieres this Sunday.

Coster-Waldau says he was "blown away" when he first read the script for the show's finale. He also still can't believe what a huge success the series has been.

"A lot of people like this show. I mean, that's the thing that's so insane," the 48-year-old actor smiled. "I'm so grateful for these experiences. I was in Rwanda, East Africa last week, two weeks ago, and people came up to me there. I mean, it's everywhere! It blows my mind all the time."

"I know the whole world is really dying to know how the show ends, do you feel the pressure of holding that secret or are you OK with it?" Busy asked Jaime Lannister's real-life alter-ego.

"Now it's been so long I kinda just wanna tell people, just to get a reaction," Coster-Waldau dished. "If I did, even if I told you, people would still go…wouldn't believe me. You wouldn't believe me. You'd go, ‘No, you wouldn't do that!'"

"You did say a name to me earlier and it might be real," Busy revealed, referencing an off-camera moment that happened during last night's taping. "I don't know."


"I did," he replied coyly. "I was messing with you…maybe."

Coster-Waldau added with a laugh, "So you did pay attention? I didn't think you'd hear it."

"Oh, I did hear it!" Busy said, getting more excited. "Oh my God, it might be real! Well, we'll see."
Does Busy really know how Game of Thrones ends?!
See the hilarious moment go down in the clip above. Plus, watch the other videos of Coster-Waldau's appearance to see him answer more burning GOT questions and to hear what he thinks of Kit Harington without a beard!

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