The Botched doctors have a "very high risk" case on their hands.

In this clip from Thursday's all-new episode of Botched, new patient Stacy has a consultation with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow after two failed surgeries on her nose.

"I am aware that I'm bringing Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow a very high risk situation and it makes me nervous," Stacy relays in a confessional. "I'm not sure I'm gonna ever undo the damage that my doctor previously did to me."

While examining Stacy's nose, Dr. Nassif notices that the patient has been left with neovascularization following her previous rhinoplasties. "Neovascularization is an indication of severe past tissue trauma where new blood vessels are growing into an area to try to get that area to heal," Dr. Dubrow goes onto explain. "It's a really bad sign."

Although the situation is a tough one, Dr. Nassif offers up a game plan on how to fix Stacy's nose. If Stacy goes ahead with the procedure, she may be left with a wider nose, but will walk away with a fixed deviated septum.

"Can you get a hole through your skin again? Yes. Can your skin start turning purple on the table? Yes," Dr. Nassif relays to Stacy. "The whole tip can turn black and die."

Understandably, after hearing all about the possible risks to the procedure, Stacy is left feeling "very nervous, very afraid and a little hesitant" about surgery. Will Stacy sign on to the doctors' game plan for her nose?

Hear all about her case in the clip above!

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