Will Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif be the ones to fix the Botched bags under Nuray's eyes?

In this clip from Thursday's season premiere of Botched, the model turns to the doctors for help after a cosmetic procedure did not turn out as she had hoped. Per the 34-year-old, she had fat injected underneath her eyes in order to compete with younger models.

"She told me in 10 days I can go back to work, because I mentioned in 15 days I have a trade show I need to go back to Vegas," Nuray shares with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif. "In 20 days, swelling wasn't going down at all."

After realizing the damage wasn't going away, Nuray reveals she went on to consult with "about 20 doctors"…all of whom refused to take on her case.

"Most of them said they don't do this revision anymore," the new patient admits. "Because you're taking old responsibilities off the bad doctor's work."

This comment resonates with the doctors as they know they're "crazy" for tackling "incredibly impossible operations." Understandably, Nuray hopes the doctors will be able to reverse the poorly done procedure.

However, Nuray's friend Sarah has doubts that it is even possible. "Knowing that there have been doctors that rejected her revision is just—okay this is gonna be another one," her gal pal concludes. "If 20 doctors are gonna reject you, then why not them? So I'm very nervous for her."

Hear all about Nuray's case in the clip above!

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