Botched is back!

In this clip from the series' upcoming return (which will air Monday, Apr. 13 at 9:00 p.m.), Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif meet with a new patient, who knows a thing or two about reality TV. Specifically, the medical experts sit down with Flora Alekseyeun, who famously starred on The Real World.

Unfortunately, Flora's appearance on Botched is due to "a very complicated breast problem." As Dr. Nassif quickly spots, Flora is facing Symmastia, also known as "uniboob."

"Based on Flora's photos, she has a very significant Symmastia, which is a communication between the right and left breast pockets," Dr. Dubrow details in a confessional.

Since Flora has had several operations, Dr. Dubrow is left wondering why the uniboob has yet to be fixed. Thus, the famed doctors call Flora in for her consultation.

While walking into her meeting with the Botched docs, Flora notes she's "to the 10th power of anxiety" as she worries they won't be able to help her. During her sit down, Flora jokes that "stupidity" led to her decision to have breast implant surgery.

"I said, 'I want it! I want it! I want it,'" the former MTV star reflects. "And, after I had the baby, my breast looked like I could feed the world—and then some."

Apparently, this led to a second procedure where everything was tightened. Per Flora, she soon realized her breasts "started squaring off."

"The doctor said, 'Flora, I'm not gonna cut you again, because I can't put you at risk of more complications,'" she recalls. "Of course, that went in one ear and out the other."

As Flora tells it, after getting a second opinion, she underwent a third surgery and faced disastrous results. During a fourth attempt to fix her breasts, Flora notes she received "moonlighting", but meant she received twilight anesthesia.

Botched, Terry Dubrow, Flora

Sadly, a few months later, Flora's breasts began transitioning into Symmastia. Of course, Dr. Dubrow is shocked to learn that the attempt to fix the uniboob was done under twilight anesthesia.

"When I first became a plastic surgeon, Symmastia was considered unfixable. Then the community of plastic surgeons gained enough experience that it was considered partially fixable, under certain circumstances," Heather Dubrow's husband concludes. "News flash to Flora's doctor, twilight anesthesia is not one of the those circumstances, because, number one, it's incredible painful and number two, it's really hard to do when the patient's awake."

Will the doctors be able to help Flora? For that answer, be sure to catch the season six return this April!

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