This Botched patient will do "nearly anything" for her surgery fund.

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new episode, cosmetic surgery enthusiast Laura details the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has spent on procedures. Well, over $450,000 on surgery to be exact.

"My addiction to cosmetic surgery started when I was quite young," Laura shares in a confessional. "Before surgery, I was an absolute fugly down and out."

Although Laura knows she "sounds quite shallow," she defends she "had nothing else to do" at the time as she "wasn't very brainy." In an attempt to change her life, an 18-year-old Laura underwent her first surgery—a boob job—and the rest is history!

"After my first surgery, I was just obsessed with it," Laura continues. "I was like, ‘Wow! You can change just by going to sleep and waking up and looking beautiful.'"

Per the British resident, she has had around 30 cosmetic procedures—including hairline tattoo ink, 6 nose jobs, teeth straightening and whitening, 2 jaw jobs, 2 chin jobs, 2 lip lifts, 7 boob jobs, 1 Brazilian butt lift, 2 designer vaginas, 2 ear pin backs, 2 ear lobes done and 2 areola reductions.

While Laura's friends think she is crazy, she isn't listening as she is "striving for ultimate perfection"…even if she has to dress as a cupcake to pay for it.

"I'm a real hustler! I do so many different jobs," the model concludes. "I do waitressing, hostessing and I'm a model. But if I have to dress as a cupcake and walk around the streets, I don't care, anything I will do for my surgery fund."

Will Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif take Laura on as a patient?

Hear all about Laura's quest for perfection in the clip above!

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