Sex And The City


This Unforgettable SATC Character Inspired Lucas Bravo in Emily in Paris

French actor Lucas Bravo plays Gabriel in Netflix's Emily in Paris. Speaking to E! News, he explains how a polarizing Sex and the City love interest inspired him.

November 11, 2020

21 Lighthearted Shows to Watch While You Await the Results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

You're not alone: the 2020 election is one of the most stressful in modern history. From Gossip Girl to Schitt's Creek, here are some of the most lighthearted TV shows to watch now.

November 4, 2020

"Emily in Paris" Star Lucas Bravo Inspired By This "SATC" Character

The Netflix actor understands why people will compare the new series to "Sex and the City" and reveals his tricks for filming sex scenes. Watch!

October 1, 2020

Cynthia Nixon Weighs in on Replacing Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City

With a possible Sex and the City 3 movie still up in the air, Cynthia Nixon shared her thoughts on Sharon Stone taking over the role of Samantha. Scroll on to watch the video.

September 23, 2020

Relive Kim Cattrall's Most DGAF Quotes About Sex and the City, Her Co-Stars and More

Catch Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall's most candid quotes below! You can also see more of Kim as Samantha Jones during the SATC series and movie marathon on E! this Friday, Aug. 21.

August 21, 2020


Andy Cohen Says Sarah Jessica Parker Was "Horrified" By His Sex and the City Audition

The Watch What Happens Live host recalls trying to land a part on SATC! Plus, find out which role he didn't get

July 22, 2020

Vanessa Bryant Reveals "SATC" Dress Kobe Gifted Her

The late Lakers icon's wife rediscovers a romantic present Bryant gave her from the "Sex and the City" series finale. Watch!

July 7, 2020

Our Ultimate Ranking of Sex and the City's Most Important Relationships

Take a trip down memory lane with our ranking of Sex and the City's relationships, starting with one we may all prefer to forget and ending with one iconic one that may or may not surprise you.

July 2, 2020

Sex and the City Star Jason Lewis Debuts Rugged New Look: See His Transformation!

Sex and the City star Jason Lewis looks so different in an all-new TV interview!

July 1, 2020

Write Yourself a Post-It Note Reminder To Do This Sex and the City Workout ASAP

Teaming up with HBO Max, obé fitness has created a Sex and the City workout class guaranteed to tone your body and and keep you entertained.

June 19, 2020

"Sex and the City" Sculpt Class: Wine Bottle Workout

Channel your inner Samantha, Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte with a "SATC"-themed fitness routine led by Madelaine from Obe--complete with wine!

June 19, 2020

Spend Your Weekend With a Sex and the City Marathon On E!

We don't need to socially distance ourselves from Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda with a full weekend of Sex and the City.

May 22, 2020


Kristin Davis Imagines What the Sex and the City Characters Are Doing at Home on The Talk

Exclusive: Kristin Davis has some thoughts on how the Sex and the City characters would be handling quarantine in a sneak peek of Tuesday's episode of The Talk

May 19, 2020

Kristin Davis Tells Which "SATC" Character She'd Quarantine With

The "Sex and the City" alum reveals on "The Talk" which of the four ladies she'd be most comfortable with stuck at home. Watch!

May 19, 2020

Sarah Jessica Parker Responds to Criticism of This Sex and the City "Tide Pods" Outfit

Carrie Bradshaw's outfits have always spurred debate and Sarah Jessica Parker has weighed in on another one of them.

May 14, 2020

Sex and the City's Chris Noth Shaves His Head and Gets Sarah Jessica Parker's Big Approval

Chris Noth has a brand-new look. The Mr. Big star from Sex and the City shaved his head. To see a photo of the actor's buzz cut, check out the gallery.

April 21, 2020

Sex and the City Cast Joins Forces to Honor NYC Healthcare Workers Fighting Coronavirus

The Sex and the City cast came together to honor the NYC healthcare workers as they fight Coronavirus.

April 8, 2020

We've Got Your International Women's Day Weekend Plans: E!'s Two Day Sex and the City Marathon

The marathon kicks off today and goes through Sunday, which really which better way to celebrate International Women's Day than with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte!

March 6, 2020

Sex and the City's Lynn Cohen Dead at 86

Lynn Cohen, who played Miranda's Ukrainian housekeeper and nanny Magda on Sex and the City, had died at age 86.

February 15, 2020

Sarah Jessica Parker Answers Your Most Pressing Sex and the City Question: Team Big or Team Aidan

Sarah Jessica Parker is spilling the tea on Sex and the City's biggest debate. Click here to find out if she's Team Big or Team Aidan!

January 23, 2020

Revisit 21 Iconic Celebrity Cameos From Sex and the City

Matthew McConaughey! Sarah Michelle Gellar! Justin Theroux! Brush up on your guest star trivia before, during or after tuning in to E!'s all-day SATC marathon.

December 31, 2019

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis Reunite For a Round of Sex and the City Trivia

Sarah Jessica Parker surprised Sex and the City co-star Kristin Davis on Monday's Watch What Happens Live with some trivia from the show. See the reunion here.

November 12, 2019