James Corden, Turkey Testicle


These stars will go to great lengths to avoid answering awkward questions—including tasting a turkey testicle. 

In the newest round of James Corden's beloved Late Late Show segment, "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," both the host and celebrity guest Will Ferrell took turns eating some of the grossest food items one can imagine, all in the name of not hurting anyone's feelings. 

For those unfamiliar with the game, each player takes turns asking the other a difficult question. The person can then answer the question (and suffer the embarrassment) or eat whichever strange food the other player picks for them. As you can imagine, it gets very interesting. 

Some interesting revelations have emerged out of this game, but Thursday night's segment would present no such luck. Instead, the players both were unwavering as they avoided answering questions like "Of all your Carpool Karaoke guests, whose music do you like the least?" or "Who was the most difficult host of SNL while you were there?"

In fact the only question that actually got answered was one for Corden: "You've had these people in your band since the show started. Obviously you know their first names—what are their last names?"

The host nearly had to eat a giant water scorpion when he could not remember the last name of one band member, but figured it out just in the nick of time. Still, a good sport, he ate it anyway. 

The two tasted many peculiar items, including a big bite of cow tongue for Corden and a full shot of raw clam and Vienna sausage juice and a few scoops of ant yogurt for Ferrell. 

The game got even more nauseating when the host opted out of telling his guest which of his movies he liked the least and instead, briefly chewed a turkey testicle before nearly gagging and spitting it out into a garbage can. 

"Stuff like squirts out into your mouth and you know what that stuff is," Corden described. 

For the grand finale, Ferrell faced a fish eye to avoid ranking Mel Gibson, John C. Reillyand Mark Wahlberg in order of how likely he is to work with them again. 

Check out the clip above to see the full meal in action—and try not to gag. 

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