Phoebe Tonkin made a surprising discovery while shooting Stan's mystery drama series Bloom.

The 29-year-old—who plays the younger version of Jackie Weaver's character Gwen—realised she was channelling her own late grandmother during shooting.

"I look so much like her in this show," Tonkin told E! News during the Sydney press tour with co-star Ryan Corr. "I was taking photos and sending them to my mum, and she was sending back photos of her mum and we were putting them side by side. It's kind of uncanny just how similar we look, especially when we're dressed in [a similar] way."

Corr said he would have loved to show six-part Bloom to his own late grandparents.

"They were very involved in my career early on and helped me to have one. I think that the themes it's dealing with, they'd be really interested in," the 29-year-old revealed. "It would be nice to get their take on their earlier life and what they may or may not change."

Also starring Bryan Brown, Daniel Henshall and Sam Reid, Bloom follows the aftermath of a devastating flood in a small Victorian town, which produces a mysterious new plant with the power to restore people's youth.

Bloom, Phoebe Tonkin, Ryan Corr, Jackie Weaver, Bryan Brown


In episode 1, Corr's character Sam makes a very memorable entrance when he drops his dacks and runs down the main street stark naked.

"It was just a lot of fun shooting, really," he told E! News. "It's a hell of a way to break the ice with your crew….[I was like] sorry fellas, and they thought it was hilarious."

The Melbourne-born actor confirmed there was never talk of a butt double—and he instead opted to wear a barely-there "modesty patch".

"It's your stuff in a beige bag, tied at the top and tape between your bottom," Corr said. "There's no way to not laugh and find it ridiculous. You're not taking it too seriously at that stage. Hopefully, it's a good entrance."

Bloom premieres on Stan on New Year's Day.

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