Kristen Bell, The Good Place Finale


There's no denying the holidays are a labor of love, and this year's Christmas serves as the finish line to what some might describe as a particularly long and arduous 2018.

So, what's a pop culture fanatic to do once the turkey is properly roasted, every friend and family member's present is crossed off your list and you've answered every embarrassingly personal question from your distant relatives? (Besides pop a bottle of champagne, of course.) 

Well, there is most likely some reading you've probably been meaning to catch up on, or a New Year's vision board to start crafting, but you could just take part in another beloved holiday tradition—binge-watching!

From The Good Place to Gossip Girl and 30 Rock, these 13 TV shows are sure to keep you entertained and up way past your bedtime as you tell yourself, "OK, just one more episode." So slip into that Snuggie you got for Christmas and indulge in a new series or simply revisit an old favorite.

You've earned it, champ!

Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, The Good Place


The Last OG, Tracy Morgan, Tiffany Haddish


Schitt's Creek, Season 4


Arrested Development Season 5


Emmy Rossum, Shameless

Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


I Love You America with Sarah Silverman


Nate Richert, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Forgotten 90's Crushes

The WB

The Twilight Zone


Atypical, Keir Gilchrist


That 70s Show, Cast


Gossip Girl Cast

The CW

Tina Fey, 30 Rock


Happy holidays and merry bingiing! 

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