Miley Cyrus

Nathanel Jones,

Despite one bratty apology and one forreal apology over the offensive Asian photo, people are still mad at Miley Cyrus, including Margaret Cho. But rather than join the ridiculous billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against Miles, Cho has decided to express her feelings lyrically.

The comedian took to her blog to pen this little rhyming ditty:

"Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes
Standing behind an Asian guy
I don’t know if this should fly
As if there wasn’t enough to despise...

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of
Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana
I tend to prefer the songs of Rihanna
Racism against Asians is simply bananas!

Oh Miley!
Chinky eyes make you look wily
prejudice isn’t thought of so highly
it doesn’t make us all smiley

Why is there nothing that Asians can do?
To make fun of other races as easily as you
Why isn’t racism against Asians taboo?
Why are we always so racially screwed!

All you have to do is pull at your face
To make your eyelids resemble our race
This kind of joke has no proper place
Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!"

Well, we're out of ideas for Miley. She's already apologized one and a half times, and taken a nonracist Asian-loving picture. What else is there to do but release a music video?

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