•  Jennifer Hudson offers us all an early Valentine with this new video. Believe us, it sure beats that other new clip.

•  Kenny Chesney claims he's slept with well over 100 women. What was that mathematical equation from the American Pie movies again? [Celebitchy]

•  Could Sean Penn be a Stooge? [NY Post]

•  Don't read this one while you're eating: Russell Brand attempted to woo Helen Mirren by presenting her with a pair of his used skivvies. [IMDb]

•  Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz's baby Bronx may have broken his arm, poor thing. [X17]

•  Dear Joy Behar: At last night's Red Dress Awards, you hit the nail on the head when you got punchy and said you needed to stay heart healthy to keep doing battle with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hear hear! [Woman's Day]

Like you, we prefer Big Pics of hot celebs served with a side of babies, dogs or coffee. Hugh Jackman, we dare you to come up with a trifecta!

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