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Kanye West met a beatboxing tree!

On Wednesday, the "Stronger" rapper visited The Night Garden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami, which features the Wise Talking Tree. West, 41, posted a video to social media of his meeting with the tree, which had a mouth, nose and eyes.

In the video, the tree can be heard asking West, "What are you famous for?" 

West then took a brief pause before replying, "Everything."

"You're famous for everything?" Wise Talking Tree asked. "Let me ask you a question Kanye, it's been plaguing my mind for a while, do you make your Yeezys in size tree?"

An amused West burst out laughing at the question, even clapping for the tree.

"I've been looking for a pair but no one has them," the tree added.

Nannette M. Zapata, the chief operating officer at Fairchild Garden, also posted a video of West's meeting with the tree.

In the social media post, the tree can be heard asking West, "Kanye, have you ever met a beatboxing tree?"

"Uh, I think I have now," West replied.

The tree then started to beatbox and West loved it, even rapping along to the beat.

Watch the videos above to see West's meeting with the talking tree!

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