She's spent years by his side, and now the ball is in Elizabeth Keen's (Megan Boone) court on The Blacklist. It's a brand-new ballgame for Liz and Red (James Spader) in season six and E! News has your exclusive behind-the-scenes first look.

Spoiler alert!

At the end of season five, Liz learned Raymond Reddington, the man who she's worked alongside for years, the man she thought was her father, is not who he says he is. Twist! The current Red? He took the place of the real Red 30 years ago.

"Nobody knows she learned about what was in that bag," Boone says in the video above. "Season six is all about the quest to discover the truth about who this imposter really is."

But if The Blacklist viewers know one thing, it's this: Everything is not always what it seems.

"Along with an answer, comes a list of questions," Spader teases.

In the new clips, Liz clues people in on her new mission while Red quizzes her on keeping secrets. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours," Red says.

"The Raymond Reddington that everyone's become familiar with over the last five and a half years is considerably more Raymond Reddington than the Raymond Reddington was 30 years ago. They wouldn't have made a TV show about that guy," Spader says.

Nothing will be able to stop Liz on her quest for the truth.

"It's one of the few times that Liz has information on Red that Red doesn't have Liz. She's sort of ahead in the chess match," Amir Arison says in the video.

The Blacklist returns Thursday, Jan. 3 after The Titan Games and moves to its regular night, Fridays at 9 p.m. starting January 4 on NBC.

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