Chris Brown, Rihanna

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Many friends of Chris Brown and Rihanna's have been coming forward lately, each trying to shed light on the alleged assault for their respective pal. We told you all about the blowup Friday night, and are learning more about the tiffs and bad habits the couple had pre smackdown, which the district attorney is now, of course, investigating after R told police Chris supposedly threatened to kill her.

And before you all go on ranting that we're sexist assholes here, in no way are we justifying what Chris reportedly did to RiRi. No matter how friends, or T.I., may try to play off Brown's actions, the way he handled the sitch is never acceptable, no matter what the reason was. No matter. Let's be clear about that.

We're just letting you know this heinous blowup didn't come out of thin, smoggy air. Rather, their relationship was hardly healthy from the beginning.

"Rihanna never left his side," blabbed an intimate personal and professional friend to the former (at least they better be) couple. "Anywhere he went—movie sets, video shoots, wherever, she was always there acting like a complete diva," fessed our source.

Our very inside source wasn't entirely comfortable bitching about the sitch, for many reasons, but bitch, she did: "It was hard to work with him because she was rude to everyone around her, and she was so clingy and needy toward [Chris]."

We've also been hearing speculation that this is not the first indication of abuse, physically or emotionally, Chris aimed toward Rihanna.

"He would often get pissy with her," added the Brown/Rihanna insider. While Saturday night was the only escalation of any physical altercation (that we're aware of) between the couple, we're told Rihanna's determined love for Chris is what has stopped her from talking, or complaining, about his "ways" in the past.

The A.T. wishes Rihanna the speediest of recoveries, and hopes Chris can seriously get the help he needs.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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