Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson

Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

• Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are said to be back together. Good luck, guys. [People]

Sorry to ruin the March Vogue cover surprise, but it's going to be Michelle Obama. [Jezebel]

Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty much a deity around these parts, but perhaps she should avoid wearing shoes that look like hooves: It only makes the haters stronger. [Dlisted]

Did everyone see Diddy pretend to be a lawyer on CSI: Miami? Unfortunately, it didn't involve him on a Jet Ski in a tux even though they were in Miami, where that could happen. [Videogum]

There's something comforting about seeing Sandra Bullock on magazine covers and Julia Roberts back in a real movie again. [Just Jared, NY Times]

• John Mayer wrote Jennifer Aniston a special song for her 40th birthday. We guess that's cute or whatever. [People]

"Get those cupcakes out of our face, Kelly Ripa!" is just one of the things you might want to yell at our Big Pic tenants.

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