Does the Miracle on the Hudson have anything on the (medical) miracle in the delivery room?

Some celebrities—we're looking at you, Chris Brown and Michael Phelps—are all too aware that the American public's fascination with achievement is second only to their enthrallment with the same stars' alleged shortcomings, and now some pop culture heavyweights are in danger of learning the same lesson or becoming obsolete.

While the nation's most celebrated pilot, Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger was being publicly feted on CBS' 60 Minutes over the weekend, and will continue to be fawned over on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight, NBC—no doubt smarting from the loss of their would-be hero exclusive—fought back with a two-part discussion with a pop culture phenom of their own.

The publicist-equipped, controversy-baiting (and, at the right angle, Angelina Jolie-resembling) Nadya Suleman sat down with the Today show last week to defend her decision to in vitro fertilize her way to 14 kids and, in this morning's video pièce de résistance, show off her 8 newest bundles of joy.

So which buzzworthy story really floats your plane boat? The feel-good tale, or the one more amenable to cast aspersions?

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