Jennifer Hudson

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

"At this point I feel like I’ve seen so much, there’s not much that phases me anymore."
—The resilient Jennifer Hudson

"You don’t want to see me on a cocktail; I’m very lightweight for an English person. I let my country down, so I’ll have to go totally sober."
Kate Beckinsale

"This is people throwing elbows. This is like a football game…but I sipped from a flask earlier and I was fine."
Sara Bareilles, coping with the Grammys red carpet

"You really want to ask me what’s in my purse. I have a lock of Miley Cyrus' hair."
Katy Perry to Ryan Seacrest. She did indeed have a lock of Miley's hair in her purse, along with a lock of Taylor Swift's hair

"He is not here tonight—it’s a girls' night. I already told him, 'I’m with Taylor tonight.' "
Taylor Swift's duet partner Miley Cyrus, offering a sort-of-maybe-not convincing excuse for the absence of boyfriend Justin Gaston on Grammy night

“I said, 'I’m a big fan of you, but I really want to meet John Legend.' ”
— Estelle, recalling her first meeting with Kanye West, at legendary Los Angeles restaurant Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

"There's some truth to that, and no truth to it."
—The ever-elucidating Paula Abdul, when asked by Ryan Seacrest whether there was any truth to the rumor that Simon Cowell had asked her on a date

"From cow poo to red carpet in two days—that's country music."
—The folks from Best New Artist nominee Lady Antebellum, describing their whirlwind pre-Grammy week

"If it doesn't happen, you sit in a nice suit and watch the show...You have to put on your dammit I didn't win, but I'm happy for the guy that did win face."
—Grammy nominee Ne-Yo, sharing with E!'s Ken Baker how he prepares for disappointment

"We're here to raise awareness over autotuner abuse. Thousands of musicians are affected with this."
—The dudes from Death Cab for Cutie, explaining their mysterious blue ribbons to Giuliana Rancic

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