Simma down now, MerDer fans. We've gotten your emails and yes, OK, as you can see in clip above promoting the big Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover, Addy and Derek's lips do touch next Thursday on ABC.

Buf if it's a kiss, it's a kind, platonic and grateful, "Hey, we used to be married for over a decade and now you're saving my brother's life" kiss, not an "I came up from Los Angeles just to ruin your thing with Meredith Grey" smooch. And on a stack of Bibles, we testify: It's not the beginning of anything. In fact, it's quite possibly the last gasp of Derek and Addy.

What else happens in next week's blockbuster crossover event? Check out the five, yes, five fabulous sneak peeks of the new episodes below...

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