Kate Hudson, Adam Scott

KKP/Fame Pictures

Breathe easy, folks, Kate Hudson is still going strong with hot Aussie Adam Scott. Considering Kate is the antithesis of monogamy, this has been a long relaysh for the babe. We chatted to a friend of the purely straight starlet to see if A.S.'s ass is up for the challenge of filling Owen Wilson's...shoes:

"She broke it off with Owen because he told her he was done seeing other women. Then she'd see pictures of him in magazines with other girls, and she was just fed up with it," dished a Hudson pal who added that O wasn't exactly the easygoing guy he portrays in all his flicks. (We know this to be, uh, completely true.) "He would point out her imperfections all the time—lots of superficial stuff. It made her insecure."

We pressed about the notoriously fella-fickle gal's future: So is Adam the real deal then?

"I don't know. [Kate] knows it's hard finding someone who isn't just using you for celebrity status." OMG! Lance Armstrong says the exact same thing about Kate! So friggin' funny!

Regardless, maybe that's why Hud-hon typically goes for the quasi-famous dudes. Jeez, sounds pretty lose-lose to us. But since Goldie's daughter doesn't believe in one man, maybe Scott doesn't need to be Mr. Right—just Mr. Right Now.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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