Chrissy Teigen's new makeup line is a compilation of everything the Hollywood star loves—cinnamon buns, spotlight-ready makeup and hot date nights included.

When the mother of two met with the Becca Cosmetics team with a desire to capture the holiday spirit in a makeup collaboration, she knew that their success would rely of their ability to create products that fit her lifestyle. As a host of Lip Sync Battle, she needs products that make her glow. As a mom of two, she wants products that are easy to apply. As the best-selling author of Cravings: Hunger for More, she wants to continuously indulge in the scents of baked goods. And, as John Legend's wife, Chrissy wants a product that instantly makes her feel sexy.

Enter Becca x Chrissy Teigen Cravings Collection, a selection of glittering, bronzy products that smell like her holiday recipes.

ESC: Chrissy Teigen

Presley Ann/Getty Images for Sephora

"This is all holiday and Cravings-inspired, so I wanted things to have a really delicious, sweet small like some of the things in my Cravings book," she told E! News at Sephora's two-day event, Sephoria. "We wanted people to feel like they could smell this delicious tasty smell right on their lips or in their highlighter."

In fact, the model went as far as creating a matte lipstick inspired by red velvet cake and a set of lip glosses that are titled "Lip Icing." And, while she didn't tell what her husband thinks of lip products, we're guessing he's not complaining about her candy cane-scented lip gloss, which is her go-to for nights on the town with her man.

"Honestly, it is hard to get out for a date night nowadays," Chrissy revealed to us. "But, I love to thrown on a nice poppy lip to look awake and there...For date night, it just makes you feel effortlessly sexy. You can be exhausted in here, but if you have this bright bold lip, you give off the aura that you tried at least."

ESC: Chrissy Teigen


We do, however, know of one person in Chrissy's family that's a big fan: Luna. Since her last collection with Becca Cosmetics, the two-year-old has evolved from pretending to put on makeup to actually applying it.

"I sit her up on the counter—actually I do get ready in my kitchen, oddly enough—and we do makeup together," she continued. "She knows how to do every little thing."

This collection is both holiday and Luna-approved—get to shopping!

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