Talk about a harsh critic!

Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williamsand Tom Hardysat down with E! News to talk about their new movie Venom and shared some of the feedback they've received from their loved ones.

One of these performance reviews came from Hardy's young son, Louis, and it looks like his 10-year-old offspring wasn't afraid to give it to his dad straight. According to Hardy, Louis saw the movie and did not approve of his father's work.

"This is an honest human being," he said with a laugh. "So, yeah, the die-hard fan compared to the 10 year old boy. One cannot lie to the dog or the child, you know. They see straight through your fantasies."

Though Hardy admitted his son is "the fiercest critic," he also said Louis helped inspire his portrayal of Venom.

"[Louis] has factual knowledge, and it's very important that I observed and reflected that knowledge correctly in my work," the actor said about his young comic book aficionado. "So, it's really cool." 

Williams agreed "[your kids] are the most important audience."

When asked if her daughter was excited about her mom being in a superhero movie, the Manchester by the Sea star revealed Matilda Ledger, 12, wasn't super interested in this genre.

"She's still pretty hung up about The Greatest Showman," Williams staid with a smile. "She's still living there pretty much non-stop."

Watch the video to see more of the interview.

Venom comes to theaters Friday, Oct. 5.

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