Today's menu includes an appetizer of bullies, a side order of kooky kids and a main course of gross-boy antics. When Luke Benward accepts a bully's challenge to eat 10 worms, the whole gang comes out to find disgusting condiments. The chef recommends wormy marshmallows and worm smoothies, which are grosser for their other ingredients than the night crawlers themselves.

Based on the, uh, classic kid's book, Fried Worms captures that feeling of spending a Saturday on a secret mission--one that seems like the most important thing in the whole world--until the next day, when you find another one.

Kids will forget this movie just as quickly, but they may remember those subliminal messages about, like, not eating dirt-dwellers and taking the high ground. That's right. Buried within the invertebrate omelets is a message. If only one of the kids in this flick--just one--could act, it would be, like, dessert.
--Fred Topel

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