The Bachelor Australia's Cat Reveals the One Mean Comment She Won’t Take Back

Romy and Cat open up about bullying, backlash and their regrets from The Bachelor Australia.

By Winsome Walker Sep 07, 2018 12:36 PMTags
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Regrets, Cat and Romy have a few.

The Bachelor Australia contestants were labelled "villains" and "bullies" by fans after their fights with multiple bachelorettes this season, including Vanessa Sunshine, Tenille Favios and Blair Thomas.

Speaking to E! News after the epic rose ceremony—which saw Nick Cummins boot Cat Henesy-Smith out of the house and Romy Poulier walk out—the pair say they're remorseful for some of their cruel comments.

"I'd like to take back any nasty thing that I said on the show," Cat says. "I'm not proud of it. Obviously, I apologise if I've offended people. It's normally not in my nature, but I guess I got a bit carried away. Cut me off from my friends, family, social media and live with 25 strangers—you don't get along with everyone."

"I probably regret having such an opinion," Romy adds. "I wish I was a little less aggressive in my approach."

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But one thing Cat won't take back? Calling the Honey Badger a "prawn"—a phrase describing someone with a good body and a less appealing face.

"No, I'm not attracted to his face. I think he's got a great body, but the mo' and the curls don't do it for me," the jewellery designer says. "So I don't take back what I said, but I probably could have phrased it differently."

The pair own up to their trash-talking, but claim other contestants (especially Tenille) didn't always play nice, either.

"Everyone was doing the same thing as us when the cameras weren't around," Romy tells E! News. "Everyone had an opinion and everyone had something to say, and all of a sudden they turn into these wallflowers when Nick's around or the cameras were around."

Cat agrees: "People were very strategic for when they chose to bitch and not bitch."

The duo say dealing with backlash from viewers has been incredibly tough, with Cat revealing she's received "death threats" online.

"[I'm getting told] I'm a waste of space to Australia, I'm fat, I'm ugly," the 24-year-old says. "No matter how bad some of the things I've said, or how I've been portrayed, I don't think anyone deserves to get told to commit suicide."


Cass is another contestant who has been on the receiving end of backlash. Some viewers branded the 23-year-old "needy" and a "stage five-clinger" after she expressed strong feelings for Nick, and read him a passage from her diary. Romy and Cat agree the bachelorette has been unfairly portrayed on the show.

"I think Cass has been completely taken advantage of," Cat says.

"The only thing that was a little off-putting about the situation was that no one in the house knew that she knew [Nick] before," Romy weighs in. "She said, ‘I've met him a couple of times at the gym.' She's like, 'I swear to God that's it.'

"It makes sense to us why she was always such a jittery mess because she was in love with the guy before."


Now that their time in the Bachelor mansion is over, both contestants predict Brooke has the best shot at scoring the final rose.

"My bet's for Brookie," Cat says. "I adore Brooke. Nick would be lucky to have her."

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