The Bachelor Australia 2018 Contestants Include an Energy Healer and Children's Entertainer—See All the Photos!

The Bachelor Australia 2018 full contestant photos and bios are here! Who do you think will win the Honey Badger's heart?

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Nick Cummins' complete bachelorette lineup is here!

Just days ahead of The Bachelor season 6 premiere, Ten released the photos and bios of the 25 women vying for the 30-year-old Honey Badger's heart. While we'd already met the likes of feisty Dasha and rugby loving Brooke, we've now been blessed with a "pocket rocket" called Christina and a Polish woman named Urszula (who describes herself as a "hunter" on the dating scene).

Here's the full breakdown of the bachelorettes, who range in age from 23 to 34:

Meet The Bachelor Australia 2018 Contestants: Who Will Win Nick Cummins' Heart?
Aleksandra, 31, Yoga Teacher, VIC

Nature-lover Aleksandra knows she is a catch but is looking for a guy who is the right match. The health clinic coordinator believes you put out into the universe what you want to receive and is looking for an open-minded, charismatic guy to be her soulmate.

Alisha, 25, Political Advisor, ACT

Motivated political advisor Alisha has a low threshold for ignorance. Her friends describe her as passionate and unchecked, and she always has the best intentions. Her perfect date would be beer and fast food in the park. The 25-year-old is looking for a self-aware, intelligent partner in crime to share life with.

Ashlea, 30, Property Consultant, QLD

Career-driven Ashlea has had her fair share of heart break but that has by no means dampened her spirit. The unshakeable optimist is on the lookout for her prince charming, someone that will love and accept both her and her son. Her ideal partner will be spontaneous and trustworthy with a big heart.

Autumn, 29, Digital Designer, VIC

Digital designer Autumn loves volunteering and being a part of change. Honest and straight to the point, the passionate Melbournian is yet to be in love but dreams of chivalry. Autumn sees her ideal man as an old soul with old school views about commitment and loyalty.

Blair, 27, PE Teacher, QLD

Sassy and quick-witted primary school teacher Blair loves to laugh, even if it is at her own expense. Blair is highly competitive, constantly running at 100 miles-an-hour and enjoys an active lifestyle to use all that energy. The 27-year-old has never been in love but is looking for a tall, tanned man with muscles to share her love of the beach and outdoors.

Brittany, 30, Radiographer, NSW

Adventurous and optimistic, Brittany is a down-to-earth romantic who is passionate about both dogs and travel. The self-described hurricane of a girl is looking for an outdoorsy bloke who loves being spontaneous and going on adventures. The radiographer's dream date would see her taking a helicopter ride with her ideal man to an island, where they would swim with whale sharks before enjoying a picnic.

Brooke, 23, Youth Worker, WA

Compassionate and considerate, Brooke is a proud indigenous woman from WA who wants to be a role model to indigenous youths through assisting with mental health issues. Her past has made her strong and resilient and she is looking for an aspirational partner who is loyal, nurturing and enjoys receiving physical affection.

Cass, 23, Student, NSW

Girly tomboy Cass (who knew Nick before the show) may be a former Miss World Finalist but that doesn't mean she is afraid to get her hands dirty. The 23-year-old is passionate about sports and can often be seen tackling on the rugby field, riding horses or catching waves on her surf board. Her ideal man is sporty, likes animals and has unconditional love to give.

Cat, 24, Fashion Designer, Bali

Wild, crazy and creative, Cat is a full of energy go-getter. Based in Bali, she not only has her own fashion label but also enjoys styling woman to feel both powerful and sexy. The often unapologetically brazen 24-year-old is looking for a funny guy who is down to earth, but more importantly her best friend.

Cayla, 27, Energy Healer, QLD

Country girl Cayla enjoys the simple things in life. The energy healer leads a healthy lifestyle focussed on clean eating, fitness and getting out amongst nature. Cayla has a strong spiritual side and enjoys taking time to meditate each day. Her ideal partner has integrity, is a family man, responsible and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

Christina, 23, Retail Manager, QLD

Outrageously loud and bubbly, Christina is a little pocket rocket of energy. She is a fun-loving diva who likes to show you who is boss. Her ideal partner is down to earth and genuine, but if he cannot cook and clean, she is not interested.

Dasha, 32, Personal Trainer, SA

Stunning with a dry sense of humour, Dasha believes in the fairy tale of love and is looking for ‘Mr Handsome'. The mother-of-one and personal trainer is passionate about perfecting her mental and physical attributes and enjoys inspiring others to do the same. Mr Handsome will be strong, reliable and caring.

Emily, 24, Dance Teacher, ACT

Compassionate and family orientated, Emily has a cheeky side and doesn't take herself too seriously, and finds her job as a dance teacher incredibly rewarding. The ex-professional ballet dancer knows what she wants, enjoys the simpler things in life and says that a picnic and a cuddle is all she is looking for in a perfect date.

Juliana, 29, Lifeguard, NSW

Professional lifeguard Juliana loves everything about adventure and the outdoors. The 29-year-old is passionate about the environment, in particular the ocean and marine life that inhabits it. The self-described resilient mermaid, chases endless summers and believes everything happens for a reason. Her ideal partner is aquatically competent, spiritual, authentic and loves to surf.

Kayla, 25, Flight Attendant, SA

Kayla is a loveable flight attendant whose friends call her Bambi due to her height. Originally from Mt Gambier, the 25-year-old's happy place is the chocolate aisle of a supermarket and she believes she has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Her ideal man is taller than her, sporty with a great sense of humour.

Renee, 30, Business Analyst, VIC

Ambitious go-getter Renee is a true lover of life and all the people within it. The intelligent tomboy can be a "girly girl" but also owns a tool belt. The Business Analyst wants a man who challenges her both intellectually and emotionally, and holds her hand while they live their lives to the max.

Rhiannon, 28, Sales Representative, QLD

Fun, playful and energetic, Rhiannon has a dry sense of humour and loves to be sarcastic. The Queenslander is finally ready to be with someone she can love and adore, and is looking for a manly man who makes her feel giddy. She really appreciates thoughtfulness, so a perfect date could be something casual as long as they had her in mind when they planned it.

Romy, 29, Photoshoot Director, QLD

Impulsive, wild and with her heart on her sleeve, Romy sees herself as a bit of a bogan. Sharp-tongued and opinionated, the photoshoot director's dream date is a seafood dinner before heading off to the theatre, followed by cocktails. The man on that date with her will be passionate about life, value the importance of family while possessing patience and kindness

Shannon, 25, Car Care Consultant, VIC

Ray of sunshine Shannon describes herself as weird, wonderful and passionately happy. The car care consultant enjoys fuelling her soul writing poetry, painting abstract art and getting out and about when the sun is shining. Shannon is looking for a real gentleman who gives as much as she does in a relationship. The 25-year-old believes the show is her chance to experience that exciting kind of love again.

Sophie, 25, Property Valuer, QLD

Honest and with a heart of gold, Sophie is passionately driven and already well on her way to achieving her career goal of being the best in her field. A fraternal twin, Sophie comes from a close-knit family, who love to explore the outdoors and describe her as loud and outgoing. The one thing that the commercial property manager feels is missing, is the man of her dreams.

Steph, 23, Children's Entertainer, VIC

Joker Steph does not take life too seriously. Aside from her humour and love of all things potato, the children's entertainer is an all-rounder with a positive outlook on life. The 23-year-old's ideal date a home cooked dinner…or a date with cats.

Susie, 30, Account Manager, WA

Straight forward, blunt and sporty, Susie does not suffer fools. The outgoing Account Manager makes a concerted effort to be a good human with a big heart but cannot fake how she feels. Susie is worried she may have missed the boat on finding love but is looking for a good honest man with a backbone for life who will take her on the kind of picnics you only see in the movies.

Tenille, 25, Flight Attendant, QLD

Laidback, modest and well spoken, Tenille is yet to fall in love but believes you cannot put a time-frame on when your Prince Charming will arrive. Her family have taught her that love is unconditional without judgement and the flight attendant is looking for a caring, respectful, down-to-earth guy who has sex appeal.

Urszula, 34, Creative Director, VIC

Unorthodox and sassy, Urszula describes herself as a hunter when it comes to dating. Born in Poland, the 33-year-old is looking for a real man who is passionate, loves deeply and has integrity in everything they do. Urszula loves creating and sees the perfect date as one that is spontaneous with an alpha male who can match her.

Vanessa, 27, Legal Secretary, VIC

Brutally honest, Vanessa lives with the motto "revenge is sweet". The fiercely independent legal secretary loves travel and fitness and will hike if there is a good view at the top. Vanessa is looking for a man whose sincerity is never in question, with a great sense of humour, and who is genuine who she can build a future with.

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