Rachel Lindsay is ready to turn into a blushing bride.

The former Bachelorette told E! News she was originally planning on wearing pants on her big day since she "wanted to feel powerful and sexy," but has since changed her mind. "Bryan, he says he doesn't care, but I really think he does, he wants to see me in a dress and so we are going to compromise," the bride-to-be explained.

To achieve the blend of businesswoman and bridal beauty Rachel desires, she says she and Randi Rahm, of the Randi Rahm Atelier, are looking to Kaley Cuoco for inspiration. She said, "I thought that the dress was beautiful. It had this sheer, it had the beading, it had a cape. I thought it was gorgeous."

Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abosolo, Engagement

Grizz Lee

As for whether the lawyer will be wearing the gown on TV, for all to see, is still up in the air. "I am very open to it, just because I feel like we fell in love on TV, so it's a full circle moment for us to have our wedding on TV," she shared. Her goal is to be married by spring of next year, "because I want to start having babies too."

Besides discussing the impending nuptials, the reality star talked about what life has been like for the couple since their season came to an end, which is both amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Surprisingly enough she said, "The hardest day is when the cameras go off, 'cause you're scared. You're like, oh my gosh, I got this ring. And it's like is this the same person you know that I met on camera? Is he going to be the same off?"

But, after trusting her instincts, Rachel has realized, "Bryan is truly my best friend."

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