Kathleen Turner, Friends


So no one told Kathleen Turner guest starring on Friends was gonna be this way.

Loyal fans of NBC's comedy series won't forget the actress' role as Chandler Bing's father in three unforgettable episodes.

But after all of these years, the Hollywood actress is opening up about her guest appearance on one of pop culture's most beloved series. As it turns out, her time on the show wasn't the best experience.

"I'll be quite honest…I didn't feel very welcomed by the cast," she recalled to Vulture. "I remember I was wearing this difficult sequined gown—and my high heels were absolutely killing me. I found it odd that none of the actors thought to offer me a seat."

Kathleen continued, "Finally it was one of the older crew members that said, 'Get Miss Turner a chair.' The Friends actors were such a clique—but I don't think my experience with them was unique. I think it was simply that they were such a tight little group that nobody from the outside mattered."

Kathleen Turner, Friends


When the publication asked about their skills as actors and actresses, Kathleen said she "won't comment" on that.

"Maybe if I'd had months to work with them, I'd be in a better position to evaluate their skill. But I could only judge based on the period I worked on the show, which wasn't long," she shared. "I do respect the camaraderie they had. You can see camaraderie on the screen. When I did Body Heat with Larry Kasdan and Bill Hurt, we rehearsed significantly before shooting and there was a familiarity before the camera rolled. You see it in the film."

Those close bonds remain strong today as several cast members continue to hang out away from any set.

"We spent 10 years together, almost every day," Lisa Kudrow reminisced in an interview with The Guardian. "We all went through something significant together, and that's a strong bond. As you get older, you realize, oh, you don't have that with just about everybody."

In particular, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have proven Rachel Green and Monica Geller's friendship didn't end when the series concluded.

"We experienced friendship, family, heartbreak, babies, everything, together," Jennifer recalled in Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows. "And we also had a wonderful experience with the world loving us as well."

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