Alleged comedy troupe Broken Lizard have often seemed like a quintet of retarded frat boys, so it makes a certain kind of sense that their most entertaining movie to date (not that that's saying much) is a feature about drinking games.

Loosely parodying sports movies, with a touch of Hostel thrown in, Beerfest sees the Broken boys traveling to Europe to compete in an underground drinking-game competition that's consistently won by the Germans, who compete on behalf of Jurgen Prochnow's evil beer baron.

Director (and costar) Jay Chandrasekhar has zero sense of scene choreography, story, editing or visuals, but the team at least appear to be writing about what they know this time, and anyone who's ever been drunk or ogled huge fake boobies should find something to like.

Still, real-life beer is needed to fully appreciate the experience, so if you aren't lucky enough to be near a theater that sells alcohol, waiting for the DVD--and a kegger--is the only way to go.
-- Luke Y. Thompson

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