Why Apollo Jackson Is Glad He's Not on Love Island Australia

Apollo Jackson tells E! News his take after watching Love Island Australia and explains why he won't be The Bachelor anytime soon

By Ashley Spencer Jun 25, 2018 12:52 AMTags
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There's no love lost between Apollo Jackson and Sophie Monk.  

"Every now and then, I'll check in," the 25-year-old tells E! News. "Sophie's been super busy with Love Island. I watched two or three episodes the other night, and yeah, it's an interesting show."

Just don't expect the singer/stuntman/magician to turn up in Mallorca alongside the Love Island host anytime soon.

"I don't think I'd go on Love Island," he laughs. "Me, here in my winter bod, I'm watching it going: I'm lucky I'm not doing that right now."

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Apollo, who first appeared as a suitor on Sophie's 2017 season of The Bachelorette before heading to Bachelor in Paradise 2018, also dismisses the idea of rejoining the franchise as the Bachelor in an upcoming season.

"At the moment, I'm focusing on music because that's where my passion is," the "With You" singer says. "I love reality TV and it's been an amazing experience, but my heart's really in performing."

And despite his charismatic stage and TV persona, he's still just a nerd at heart. Earlier this year, a source told Woman's Day that Simone Ormesher allegedly dumped Apollo after Bachelor in Paradise in part because of his "Batman bedsheets".

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"I do sleep in a Batman bed at my place, when I'm at home," he confirms to E! News. "Most of my time's in Sydney now. But the whole thing is themed, so my music studio at home is 100 per cent Marvel…and then my room is just Batman and Star Wars."

Lest you think the bed is a childhood relic, Apollo clarifies, "This is a super king Batman bed. I wish they had a [Batmobile-shaped bed] in my size. I might have to make one."


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