Dietland is not messing around. 

On the AMC show, a terrorist group calling themselves Jennifer has started murdering men who have assaulted women, and as the head of Austen Media, Kitty (Julianna Margulies) has decided to embrace them and their manifesto, putting it on the cover of every women's magazine they own. 

In the clip above, exclusive to E! News, Cheryl (Rowena King) isn't so sure she's making the right decision, saying the men will get fed up and "war of the sexes won't be a metaphor anymore." 

But Kitty's not here for Cheryl's dramatic worries. 

"Come on, tell me you haven't thought about it," she says. "All those years of being demeaned, and harassed, and screwed over just because we wanted to sit at the table with the big boys? You know these guys. They don't listen to 'please' or fairness. Tell me you never wished you could pull the trigger."  

Plus, you know, it might make her richer. 

Kitty's decision may not actually be pulling the physical trigger, but it's certainly a choice that may or may not play out in her favor on next week's episode, which also finds Plum (Joy Nash) trying out the dating world as the next part of her new program to extremely mixed results. 

Dietland airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC. 

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