Bachelor Girl Release New Single 20 Years After “Buses and Trains”

Australian pop duo Bachelor Girl are making a comeback 20 years after their hit song “Buses and Train"’ with a new single

By Winsome Walker Jun 20, 2018 2:30 AMTags
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Bachelor Girl is making a comeback!

Australian pop duo Tania Doko and James Roche debuted their new single "Speak" on June 18, 20 years to the day from the release of their iconic hit "Buses and Trains".

"Today, @bachelor.girl.official, my duo with Aussie buddy James Roche, released our first baby in a long time," singer Tania posted on Instagram on Monday.

"Oh, and it's also the 20 year anniversary of that tune .. you know.. the public transport one. Still.gets.played.lots.around.the.globe. Mind-blowing. Thank you world."

"Buses and Trains" peaked at number 4 on the ARIA Singles chart in June 1998 and was followed up by the tracks "Treat Me Good", "Lucky" and "Permission to Shine", plus the 2011 album Beautifully Wrong – The Lost Songs.

The band, who formed in Melbourne in 1992, said their new single is about "truth-telling".

"It's a personal invitation - to pull up the rug and see what's under it, to share what's really going on for us, to be heard; understood," Bachelor Girl shared on Instagram June 18.

The duo wrote "Speak" in Stockholm, Sweden, where Tania has lived for the past seven years. Appearing on The Morning Show on Monday, she explained that she was drawn to the city's "extraordinary" songwriting community.

"I now live in Stockholm, and I'm trying to navigate around the Swedish language and the winters, so in a sense I'm still walking under buses and trains," she said, referencing the band's famous lyrics.

"After James and I went our separate ways—we're still great friends—I thought, ‘I want to try another country'. I was single at the time, so I ended up finding my now partner and I've borne a Swedish child, and it's been fantastic."

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