Cardi B

Jerry Seinfeld is a really, really good sport. Zach Galifianakisdidn't hold back as he welcomed (then completely insulted) the Seinfeld star on the latest episode of Between Two Ferns, which also featured a surprise cameo from the one and only Cardi B

Unfortunately, Seinfeld couldn't hold a candle to the pregnant hip-hop star, who Galifianakis praised as "better" and more "relevant" than his first guest. When Cardi made her grand entrance, Galifianakis presented the rapper with a baby gift and cast Seinfeld off to sit on top of a crate in the corner.

"This is a really different interview than the one I did," Jerry hit back. "I'm not even between the ferns anymore. I don't even fit the description of the show." 

Galifianakis also shaded Seinfeld's show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, as "lazy car-based non-comedy" and told him the Bee Movie should have been called "D-Minus Movie."

Seinfeld responded, "Do you think if the only made one Hangover and didn't make the other two it would be considered a comedy classic? Do you think that you destroyed what would have been a comedy classic by the cash grab of and 3?" 

No surprise here, Galifianakis said he acted in the sequels because his aunt needed a baboon heart transplant and his uncle's yacht club burnt down. 

Watch the entire LOL-worthy video up above. 

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