Doesn't anyone knock anymore? You don't have to if you're the king!

In this clip from Sunday's all-new The Royals, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Jasper (Tom Austen) are in the middle of a super cute makeout sesh when King Robert (Max Brownbarges in.

"Yes, well," Robert announces as he walks into Eleanor's bedroom.

"Robbie. Hi," Eleanor says before sitting up to greet her brother.

It turns out that the king was just inquiring about their mother's birthday gift ahead of her big bash later that night. Way to ruin a cute moment Robbie!

"I was just wanting to check on the status of mother's birthday gift," he says.

"All taken care of," Eleanor responds.

Robert then turns the conversation to Jasper, who is less than thrilled to be caught with his pants down in front of the king.

"How are you feeling Jasper?" Robert asks.

"I'll live," a sullen Jasper replies.

"Good. Well, I'll see you tonight," the king chimes before walking out.

So much for privacy!

See the awkward moment in the clip above.

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