Four words: Streep. Hanks. The Post

Prepare to be glue to the edge of your seat because the first trailer for Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep's latest film has officially arrived: The Post.

Posing as Katharine Graham, former Washington Post publisher, and Ben Bradlee, former Washington Post executive editor, Streep and Hanks revisit the newspaper's complicated quest to report on the then-classified Pentagon Papers after The New York Times broke the news of the secret study on the front page in 1971. 

As the film chronicles, it was far from an easy plan as they faced severe legal blocks, risked jail time and the potential loss of the paper as a war between the government and the press escalated. 

Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks


As an added layer, Graham is challenged by sexism at the highest levels as those around her question her ability to lead the prestigious paper. 

Marking their first joint film with acclaimed director Steven Spielberg and featuring a star-studded cast including Sarah Paulson, Alison Brie and Bob Odenkirk, the film is sure to make a cinematic splash come holiday time. 

The biographical drama hits theaters December 22. 

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