Don't worry, Finn Wolfhard—your co-stars have your back. 

The 14-year-old Stranger Things star was caught in an awkward spot when the teenage actor was videotaped walking into his hotel. Some fans digitally criticized him after seeing the video, which has since been deleted, because he reportedly did not stop to take pictures or sign autographs. 

However, his fellow stars quickly came to his defense, tweeting fierce support for the star for simply going about his day. "Okay, no. No actor is under any obligation to stop for anyone," his co-star Shannon Purser, known to fans of the series as Barb, wrote online. "Finn is an incredibly kind human. But he's human and he needs breaks too." 

Shannon Purser, Riverdale

Diyah Pera/The CW

As Purser continued in a chain of tweets, the 20 year old pointed out Wolfhard is still a kid who needs his alone time. "I experience this on a significantly smaller scale, obviously, but I've had people waiting for me in hotel lobbies, at my airport gate, etc...And I'm an adult. I can't imagine being inundated with all this attention at his age. It's intimidating."

"So, from one big sister to the world, don't you DARE make young actors feel guilty or indebted to you because they couldn't say hi," she concluded. "They give you their art. They love their fans. Don't take advantage of that. And if you can't handle them needing space, stay away."

"So true," 13-year-old co-star Noah Schnapp responded. "We really love the fans. Finn is the nicest guy u will ever know. we all work so hard, and need a break sometimes. #Compassion."

It seems this isn't the first time Wolfhard has caught some flack from fans. When E! News caught up with the actor at the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere, he said he had been booed by a group of fans after they wanted him to sign stuff. As for his strangest fan encounter, the actor said he was once followed by a couple back to his house.  

While Wolfhard has not said anything about the recent criticism, he has subtly responded by liking some supportive tweets from fans. No matter what, it looks like if you mess with any of the Stranger Things kids, you're going to have to answer to Barb. 

"Love all of you so much," she wrote to Schnapp. "Here for you if you ever need it."

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