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You're not into going to the gym. You think quinoa is a type of cactus. And, you'll wait five extra minutes in the car for the parking spot closer to the store.

You're not alone, friend.

The truth is celebs use trainers, nutritionists and public pressure to motivate themselves to get fit. Your drive? Not so strong. And that's OK, because there are small, easy things you can do on the daily to feel a tad bit healthier.

Ahead, five things you can do while lounging around this summer.


Not only can slouching lead to headaches and body tension, according to Today, but weird body weight distribution can affect the way we perform other physical activities, which might lead to more injury. We know it's hard, but focus on your posture when sitting in front of your computer all workday long. Sitting up properly will help strengthen those core muscles—that's everything from under the rib cage to mid thighs!


This sounds way too easy, but most of us forget to breathe, especially while stressed. Taking deeper breaths will open up your chest as well as get the circulation going. There's a reason why a major focal point of yoga and Pilates is focused on breathing. Inhale for three seconds, hold for three seconds and then exhale for three seconds. Feel good doesn't it?


If you're constantly looking at a screen all day, this is for you. Every 20 minutes, find a target about 20 feet away and look at it for 20 seconds. This will help readjust your eyes every so often without straining your sight.


We get it: The grind has got you down—but research has shown that people who have gotten at least seven to eight are more prone to better health than those working on less. So tell your boss, kids, significant other you need to sleep, because a better you will meet them tomorrow (hopefully!).


Finally, laugh more. Take a break from that Game of Thrones binge and catch a comedy show. Not only is laughing good for the soul but it can also help stimulate organs (with all that air intake), relieve stress and soothe tension, according to the Mayo Clinic.

So, the next time your friend asks you to hit the gym, tell them you've got a movie date with Amy Schumer.

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