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What's the best TV show of all time?

It's an impossible question, and one that incites debate among fans everywhere. 

From Pheobe's lobster theory in Friends to Megan's performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou" in Mad Men, there are countless moments from TV history that remain with us forever. But it's not just the lovable characters and unforgettable plot twists that stay with us—it's the kitchens, bedrooms and hang-out spots that become so familiar to us, we start to feel like we're part of the show.

We spent so much time watching meals, squabbles, parties and milestones occur in Monica Geller's kitchen—it feels like we've gone looking for leftovers in that classic white fridge ourselves. The set design of your favorite shows is more important than you might realize, and plays a central role in how we remember our favorite characters and episodes. 

Check out these six shows that are iconic for a very unexpected (but crucial!) reason: their set design. You can also scroll through and shop some home décor items inspired by your favorite TV series to really let that on-screen vibe come to life. 

Don Draper, Mad Men House


Mad Men was largely responsible for our reignited passion for 1960s style, and that doesn't stop at clothes. Don Draper's Manhattan apartment has everything you need for a vintage makeover of your own home environment: From its extensive sectional to the perfect shades of brown, orange and purple, his sunken living room epitomizes the style of the show's mid-century time frame. Suitable for retro vibes, only.

ESC: Madmen3

Jackie Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofa, French Press Twill, Was: $3,900, Now: $1,699

ESC: Madmen2

Sede Stool, $289

ESC: madmen1

Viko Table Lamo, Orange with Donut Shaped Body, $78

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Bedroom

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Sabrina was everyone's favorite witch with the grooviest living situation. Two cool aunts and a household filled with magic? Sign us up. Her room was every teenage girl's dream: a blend of purple and pink hues, celestial patterns on blankets and wall décor, as well as the always era-appropriate lava lamp. If you want to add a bohemian touch to your own living space, there are bits and pieces of Sabrina's bedroom that can do just that (minus the spell book).

ESC: Sabrina3

Lorraine Wood Bedside Table, Was: $649, Now: $450

ESC: Sabrina2

Celestial Foiled Duvet Cover, $109

ESC: Sabrina1

Tiffany Style Decorative Table Lamp, Was: $120, Now: $96

Renata Klein Home, Big Little Lies


Big Little Lies is a much more recent addition to our TV Hall of Fame, but no less important—especially with the Malibu mansion of Renata Klein to provide us with endless home décor envy. The ultra-mod residence features high ceilings and a dramatic staircase, leaving plenty of room for funky accent chairs, fuzzy throw rugs and unique art pieces, all of which work harmoniously to form the ideal contemporary living room. The key here is balance.

ESC: Lies1

Akari Fabric Accent Wind Back Chair and Ottoman, Was: $525, Now: $186

ESC: lies2

LBK Studio Barnacle Structure, Pink, $1550

ESC: Lies3

Claremont Oval Coffee Table, $699

Carrie Bradshaw Bedroom, Sex and the City


We can't discuss icons in television without bringing up Carrie Bradshaw. But where did fashion's on-screen darling store her shoe collection, brainstorm her best column ideas and order the city's best takeout? While her living quarters were pretty great for a single woman in New York, it wasn't over the top (except that walk-in closet, of course). Carrie had plenty of shelving for her books and magazines, decorative storage bins (we'd imagine were the home to additional shoes) and chairs that doubled as nightstands. There was something refreshing about watching a woman whose clothes were impossible to replicate living in an apartment that felt relatable.


Lexie Decorative Bench, Was: $170, Now: $124


19th-C. American Country Chair, $195


Vase with Circular Design, $29

Monica Geller, Rachel Green Kitchen, Friends

Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

For 10 seasons, we watched Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross hang out in what became one of the most famous locations in TV history. Monica's cozy apartment was an inviting space with plush armchairs, purple walls and various mismatched end tables. The ottoman was ideal for unexpected visitors, and there was always a fresh bowl of fruit or vase of flowers to keep the space alive. If you love layering rich patterns and loading up on decorative pillows, take notes from Monica.

ESC: Friends1

Jameson Chair, Was: $778, Now: $540

ESC: Friends3

Essex Ottoman, Worn Velvet, Peacock, Was: $449, Now: $359

ESC: Friends2

Parker Warm Stripe Tassel Square Pillow, Was: $30, Now: $15

House of Cards House, Kitchen


While Frank and Claire Underwood call the White House home, they also lived in a beautiful Victorian townhouse. The sophisticated interior plays with a refined color palette, rich mahogany accents and the perfectly placed chandelier. A modern kitchen is often featured in the show, with steel, backless stools, white cabinetry and what looks like dark, granite countertops. Amp up your own kitchen with similar accouterments for a sleek aesthetic.


Carlisle Backless Metal Barstool, 2 Pack, Was: $100, Now: $85


Rectangular Cutting Board with Feet, Maple, $100


Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set, Was: $65, Now: $55

You don't need to be a TV buff to understand why these sets are unforgettable. You also don't need to be a fan to steal decorating ideas for your own home redesign project.

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