Save those polished, red carpet updos for a more formal occasion, would ya?

But just because your summer plans include hanging at the beach and working on your tan with your squad, doesn't mean you shouldn't sport a celeb-inspired hair statement while you're at it. The goal: Relaxed vacay waves you can take from day to night. 

According to TRESemmé hairstylist Justine Marjan, the look consists of loose waves that are beyond easy to create at home. Think: An incredibly effortless-looking hair statement that shows the world you're the kind of girl who plays by her own rules. 

Even better? You won't need any hot irons to bring this look to life. Double bonus: You also only need one hair product.

To get the look, watch the tutorial above then follow our step-by-step breakdown below to do it yourself! 

Branded: Tresemme

Step 1: Prep dry hair, from roots to end, with TRESemmé Extra Hold Mousse. "You can be pretty generous with this because you do want to have a lot of hold in the hair," explains Marjan.

Step 2: Once the mousse is distributed, clip your hair up into sections, grabbing one section at a time to create the beachy waves.

Branded: Tresemme

Step 3: Grabbing one section, fold the ends over and then under, alternating the pattern until you reach your roots.


Branded: Tresemme

Step 4: Keeping a grip on the completely folded section, use a blow dryer to blast the hair with heat for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Gently release the section, letting it fall to reveal a natural-looking wave. Repeat until all of your hair has been waved.


Branded: Tresemme

Step 6:  Once all of the waves have been created, use your fingers to break up the sections and massage the scalp to add volume at the roots.

Branded: Tresemme

Bonus tip: To transition the look into night, simply sweep your hair to one side and add a loose side braid for a sultry vibe.

Done and done!

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