Second Wives Club Star Shawna Craig Dishes About Long-Distance Marriage to Lorenzo Lamas: How Do They Make It Work?

See what the E! star just revealed about her relationship!

By Jess Cohen Jun 20, 2017 12:00 PMTags
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Shawna Craig and Lorenzo Lamas know how to make a long-distance marriage work.

The couple, who tied the knot back in 2011, are still going strong and their relationship was documented on the first season of the E! series, Second Wives Club. During an exclusive interview with Shawna, she dished to E! News about the status of her relationship with the actor.

"Everything is going well," she told us. "I think that on the show it was a time in our life where Lorenzo wasn't used to having to share me with my career and with other people. And we had never been apart really and so that was a really big adjustment for him."

On the show we saw Shawna living in Los Angeles, trying to kick-start her acting career while Lorenzo was living in Las Vegas. Now, Lorenzo is living in New York, which puts even more distance in their long-distance relationship.

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Shawna explained, "And now he's living in New York and I'm here, but we're trying to make the best of it and support each other and not have too strong of expectations for each other. Because we're in a place where we both need to focus on our career, so we're just being supportive."

So how do they make their long-distance relationship work?

"Long-distance relationships…I've always had long distance," Shauna told us. "Because I've only had like three or four boyfriends ever and I think I liked the distance, but when you're married it's a little bit different. And I think you just have to be in tune with your partner's needs and making them feel appreciated and special and still feeling like they're a part of your life."


And Shawna explained that it's been a learning process.

"My problem was that I would have something exciting happen and I'd post it on Instagram and then Lorenzo would be like, 'Hey I'm kind of learning about your life through social media and that's not cool,'" Shawna said. "So I understood that and it's just having that awareness and to just be mindful of their feelings. And so I think that's the biggest thing, it's still hard but we're happy for each other."