Orlando Bloom, James Corden

Terence Patrick/CBS

Well, that's one way to turn on a computer.

James Corden and Orlando Bloom took their duties a touch too literally when they posed as guys from the IT department in a new sketch aired Thursday night.

As a few employees were having some problems with turning their computers on, Corden and Bloom took it upon themselves to spark the electricity again.

To the tune of Yello's "Oh Yeah," the duo tried to seduce the computers into switching on by swiveling their hips, ripping their shirts, spraying each other with water and grinding on the desk. Bloom even stapled himself in the bum while Corden later licked a keyboard.

"Just another day in IT," Bloom quipped. 

Something tells us they'll be getting an HR complaint…

Meanwhile, if you were wondering how Bloom beefs up for those sleeveless shirts, he does his reps in water.

"You take some 50 pound dumbbells and you hold breath and you sort of walk under water," he explained to Corden of his current workout regimen. Don't try this at home, though, because Bloom has already passed out twice. 

"This sounds like a terrible idea," the host quipped. 

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