This Houston Rockets Fan Getting Friend Zoned on the Kiss Cam Is What Nightmares Are Made of

Forget about the score: Let's talk about this moment on the big screen
By Mike Vulpo May 12, 2017 3:21 AMTags

Want to know where your relationship really stands? Get on the kiss cam, of course. 

As thousands of fans enjoyed the NBA playoffs Thursday night from the Toyota Center, a special stadium treat was gifted to attendees.

May we draw your attention to the big screen for the always unpredictable kiss cam.

When the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets weren't competing on the court, the camera panned to the crowd for some serious XOXO lovin'.

As the camera zoomed in on one duo, the lady immediately began to laugh and shake her head. 

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Sure, sure, maybe she's playing hard to get. As for the guy, he appeared totally down to share a smooch.

Unfortunately, after one too many seconds, the Rockets decided to pull a move greater than any basketball trick we've seen this season. It's time to bust out the caution tape and declare this the friend zone.

While the viral clip stops soon after, we can't help but acknowledge the final seconds. Is it just us, or is someone's face getting as red as their T-shirt?

We're not sure if we should blame the Rockets who could have just panned to a couple clearly displaying PDA. We're not sure if our hearts should break for this innocent pair who were just trying to watch some basketball.

Regardless, the San Antonio Spurs ended up winning Game 6 of the NBA Conference Semifinals by a score of 114 to 75. Karma or coincidence? We'll let you decide.