Abby Lee Miller may be going to prison, but she's not planning to stop working anytime soon.

As the Dance Moms star sat down with E! News days after her prison sentence was announced, one thing was clear about the reality TV veteran: She isn't ready to slow down in the business world.

"Someone's already called me to be there to start saying shoot. We're ready with cameras. We're ready to go," Abby explained to E! News' Jason Kennedy when discussing a return to TV. "I think I'll be ready to go. If worse comes to worse, I'm a good teacher. I'm good at what I do. I have an eye for detail. I can take a beginner kid that has never danced in their lives and I can teach them something or I can take a really advanced dancer and I can make them into a professional."

The reality star went on to explain that her new dance show will be a scripted project that involves teenagers. "It's kind of where Dance Moms should have left off," she teased. 

While some think Abby Lee will have no time to work on any business opportunities during her sentence, she is hopeful that projects can continue as planned. In fact, the author hopes to complete her sentence in California so businesses can visit. 

"I have a new show and other things happening and if people are going to come visit me…at least they can come there. Maybe I'm fooling myself and I won't be able to do any work," she explained. "I have some stuff to crank out. Do I need 24 hours a day to put lotion on my elbows? I was never selfish. I was never focused on me, me, me all the time. I was always focused on somebody else."

During our lengthy interview, Abby Lee couldn't help but tear up at some points during the sit-down. When asked what she will miss the most behind bars, Abby Lee replied with everything "I'm going to miss while I'm there."

And while the reality star knows she has some critics and "haters," the dance instructor is taking some responsibility for where she is today.

"It is surreal. How does a nice Catholic girl end up going to prison for a year? It's crazy," she said. "I've made mistakes. I have to pay for those mistakes. I feel like the whole case could have been handled differently."

Abby Lee was sentenced to one year and one day in prison on Tuesday for bankruptcy fraud and bringing an unreported $120,000 foreign currency into the United States. She was also ordered to pay a $40,000 fine and a $120,000 money judgment.

She previously opened up on Good Morning America Wednesday, breaking her silence on the ruling.

"A year and a day," the 50-year-old reality star said. "It sounds like a movie title."

She fought back tears while looking back at her career before this. "I have spent so much time and so much energy making other people's children stars. I didn't have any children of my own," she said. "These were my kids and I raised them like they were my kids."

Now, moving forward, she said, she hopes to be a smarter businesswoman and focus on herself. 

"Would I like to learn a little about accounting? Yes. Would I like to learn Spanish? Yes," Abby Lee proclaimed. "There are tons of haters out there but I have to live with what I did and I'm taking responsibility." 

To hear more from Abby Lee Miller, watch E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. 

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