Meghan Markle, Samantha Markle Grant

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What starts as two kids' basic squabbles can turn ugly over time.

Sibling rivalries are nothing new. In every household there are sure to be some fights between older and younger brothers and sisters, but these feuds take on a whole new meaning when they involve a celebrity sibling and his or her non-famous counterpart. The most recent famous vs. non-famous rivalry to go public is that of Meghan Markle and Samantha Grant.

Grant, who now prefers to go by Samantha Markle, is penning a tell-all book, working title being The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister, but a source told E! News that the Suits actress is trying to distance herself from it as much as possible because Markle never had a relationship with Grant.

"This woman who she hardly knows, who has had a lifelong history of lying and manipulation is setting her sights on her for no reason," the source told us. "In their very limited contact, Meghan has never been anything but nice to her and for the majority of those interactions, Meghan was just a little girl. This is an old, jealous woman (she is in her 50s! who does this in their 50s?) doing anything she can to take advantage of the situation to sell lies for money and fame."

But the Markle-Grant feud is far from the first celebrity-non-celeb rivalry to go public. Here are others:

Oprah Winfrey

CBS News

Oprah Winfrey and Patricia Lloyd: Oprah's troubled childhood has been well documented, as the longtime talk show host has openly discussed the traumatic experiences she endured. But the ultimate betrayal came when her sister sold the story about Oprah's teen pregnancy to a tabloid. "I took to my bed and cried for three days. I felt devastated. Wounded. Betrayed. How could this person do this to me?" Winfrey wrote in  2007 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

Before the Lloyd leaked the story, Oprah shared, "Only my family and closest friends knew. I would tell no one until I felt safe enough to share my dark past: the years I was sexually abused, from age 10 to 14, my resulting promiscuity as a teenager, and finally, at 14, my becoming pregnant."

Madonna, Christopher Ciccone

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Patricia struggled with drug addiction and has since passed away. The OWN founder got a do-over in 2011 when she found out that she had a long-lost half-sister also named Patricia. They've since grown very close.

Madonna and Anthony Ciccone: The ultimate Material Girl and her brother's feud constantly made headlines, especially after he published his tell-all book, Life With My Sister Madonna. Ciccone struggled with alcoholism, which led him to lose his job at the family winery. He also ended up homeless and consistently dragged his famous sister through the mud.

"Madonna doesn't give a s--t if I'm dead or alive," Ciccone told the Daily Mail. "She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other."

Other articles claimed Madonna and her family tried to enter him into a rehab facility, but to no avail.

Julia Roberts, Nancy Motes

Getty Images, Splash News

Julia Roberts and Nancy Motes: This feud takes a tragic turn. Motes, 37, died of an apparent suicide via drug overdose on 2014. According to multiple reports, Roberts tried numerous times to help her half-sister enter rehabilitation for treatment for drug addiction, but was unsuccessful. Motes reportedly blame Oscar-winning sister for her issues, but when Roberts opened up about Motes' passing, she indicated nothing of the sort.

"It's just heartbreak," Roberts told WSJ. Magazine, tearing up. "It's only been 20 days. There aren't words to explain what any of us have been through in these last 20 days. It's hour by hour some days, but you just keep looking ahead. It's hour by hour some days, but you just keep looking ahead. You don't want anything bad to happen to anyone, but there are so many tragic, painful, inexplicable things in the world.

No matter the feud, it's unfortunate that bygones can't just be bygones.

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