Adele, Funny Face

Samir Hussein/Redferns

Let's just say Adele won't be sending any love to these little guys. 

With just a few more performances left in her Adele Live 2016 world tour, the Grammy winner has juggled far more surprises than any of us expected. From tearful marriage proposals to shooting t-shirts into audiences, the songstress is well-versed in the art of keeping everyone on their toes—including herself. 

However, while the show must always go on, there are some moments that the star had a harder time shaking off—and they included tiny things that flew and crawled. 

Here's a look back at all of Adele's run-ins with the insect world. 

Remember that time she had to run away from a mosquito in Australia? 

"I'm sorry, I'm not Australian, I don't like bugs! It was sucking my blood, it was sucking my blood!" she screamed in a fan-recorded video. 

"They're everywhere," she continued. "They're all trying to kill me!" 

Spoiler alert: she lived. 

How about when the star fell to the floor to fight a beetle in New Zealand? 

"For f--k's sake. I felt something f--king bite me—it's on my f--king ankle!" she told her audience as she rolled around on stage. "You f--king bastard. I'm just not cut out for this."

All of Adele's buggin' out even inspired one 8-year-old to gift her a veil to "keep the bugs off." We're counting down the days until we see the look on the runways. 

Perhaps the most bizarre of all of Adele's encounters with creatures that can fly was the time a bat flew into an arena in Mexico.

"There's a bat!" she yelled onstage while flapping her arms, as seen in a video posted on Twitter. 

"There's a bat there and it landed by your head!" she continued while pointing in the audience. "It landed right by your head! Oh my God, it's a f--king bat. Welcome to Mexico. It's true, I'm happy to be here, but a f--king bat, Jesus Christ!"

Ok, so we know a bat is technically a mammal, but it was such a highlight, we just had to include it.  

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